ARMTbike will greet the subscribed ciclists for registration and delivery of the racers package from Friday Octiber 23th until Saturday October 24th. You should turn in your payment voucher for the estipulated amount as a proof of payment.


Thrusday October 29th from 09:00 am until 20:00 hrs.
Friday October 30th from 09:00 am until 18:00 hrs.

Calle Santo Tomás No. 5766
Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico
Colonia Arcos de Guadalupe
C.P 45037

Tel: 33 1816 4499

Mov: 333 468 8507



ARMTbike organizers will provide the competitors with a delicious carbohydrates dinner on Friday October 30 from 19:00 until 21:00 hours


Registrered competitrs will there be informed where this dinner will take place at. Non competitor guests will are not invited to this event.


On Sunday Nombember 3rd racers will be greeted at the Starting Line. Competitors are to be at 7:00 am.


You are responsible of bringing and turning in your luggae, suitcases or bags to the Transporting Staff of ARMTbike, the Staff will deliver your luggage to the arrival zone.


Competitors are to arrive to the Starting Zone with their MTBike or BTT and complete luggage. Helmet, globes, sunglasses, hydration backpack, tools, spare parts, Etc. Plase take into consideration that you will travel long distances on your bicycle.


Also yoy should already have taken breakfast, be properly hydrated, and had used the restroom facilites, there will be NO restrooms at the Starting Zone, public urinating might get you detained by local authorities and disqualified from the competition.


Non-Official vehicles are not allowed to follow the convoy within the designated route.


If you are companion to a competitor you are allowed to follow the official vehicles through alternate routes.

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