You can enroll to the competition as a solitaire racer, this means you will compete by yourself without a team just with the support of the staff that will help you besides having all the advantages of the organization.


All of the cyclists must be part of a team of two. The teams will be enrolled in four different categories such as: men PRO ELITE, women, mixed and masters (in men PRO ELITE category , both cyclists must be 40 years old or over to the day of the competition). The minimum age needed to compete is 18 years old. Cyclist of each team must stay together at all time during the race no less than 100 m. of distance between them and they must cross through the check points together as well.

6:00 pm will be the hour set to get to the finish line every day. In each chapter the winners of the journey will receive prizes and the classification leaders will win the leader´s jersey.


Download Book of Rules -click here-

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