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Cancellations and refunds will only be accepted if the organizers can fill the place with a team from the waiting list regardless of the date.

In case you can not fill the place this refund is void, no refund will be made.

We encourage athletes to have a health insurance and international emergencies. To avoid further problems in case of hospitalization. Or emergency, always carry your insurance card. If a cyclist or athlete leaves or loses some object or accessory, we are not bounded to return the forgotten or lost accessories.




All athletes must have covered their registration fee before the race begining, in failure to do so you will not be allowed to enter the competition.



There may be changes of cyclists until a month before the race starts, this is permissible, in the event that a team member to participate can not compete, for justifiable reasons, the partner may invite another partner, with a payment of $ 50 U.S. extra to your payment for single rider. Competition can make changes prior to competition in order not to affect the physical integrity of the athletes and staff as well as the organization of the event, without notice.



Each participant is responsible for his own safety. Organizers, sponsors and Event Staff are in no way liable for injury, loss or damages suffered by participants and / or their teams. All competitors to register for the competition are on the understanding that they are responsible for the risks to him or herself and his or her belongings when participating in the race. Cyclists waive any claim against individuals, institutions or companies involved in the event in any way. All participants are required to sign a liability disclaimer and exoneration of responsibility.



Registration payment shoud be made by either direct deposit or bank transfer to the official ARMTBike's account.



We are not required to refund any payment cancellations, the team that desires to cancel must exchange for another team that wants to compete. And agrre among them, not with the organization.



To avoid problems you might encounter of withdrawal from the competition when switching a team member (see REGISTRATION POLICY), refunds will only be approved if the replacement team can pay for the corresponding fee and acquire all of the commitments. According to the competition rules, only teams of two or solitaire competitors will be registered. No people or cyclists can compete solo or in teams outside the event. These fees are not intended to be punitive, but the payment is to reduce the number of last minute changes that require a huge amount of administrative work during our busiest period. You can avoid penalties if you pay by bank transfer and email / fax the reference / proof of payment to us. These should be sent to

Once registered, athletes and/or teams may not request reimbursement of the registration fee, regardless of the reason for refund request. The limit is 500 teams, can be from any country. Each athlete and/or cyclist and team member must have a valid passport and visa or permission to enter Mexico. For locals it is not

necessary to have a passport and/or visa. You must wait to be admitted to the race because of the deadline.



The registration fee includes:

Welcome dinner, venue to be confirmed.
Overnight at the hotel.
Food and Nutrition in the hotel (breakfast and lunch).
Supply and Hydration points along the route within the nearly 400 km.
Medical services in the race (free)
Security throughout the event
After the race party and dinner in Puerto Vallarta
Participant T-shirt
ARMTBike rider bag (includes gifts from sponsors)
Silicone Bracelet.
Bathrooms and Showers
Number in electronic Chip
Numbers for MTBike and Dorsal


MTBike Mechanics, (includes extra cost - $ 30. º º U.S. by mechanical event)
Massage for athletes, (includes extra cost - $ 20. º º U.S. by massage per day)


Accommodations before chapter 1 departure or after the last chapter or finishline.
Night hotel or lodging for the nights before start of the competition.
Night hotel or lodging after the end of the competition.
Transportation from your hotel to the boot area is responsibility of each team or participant.

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