You must have a backpack per person or athlete, maximum 25 kg. You must have a large duffel bag or military sack or frameless backpack, where you will keep all your personal belongings, or you can share this bag with teammate and have only one package, maximum 25 kg. You must be sure that this bag or sack must be turned in to the Transportation Staff each day during the 4 days of competition. This bag or sack must have marked your competitor or team number. Each team may also have a large suitcase, it will be transported by our staff. The staff will make sure your belongings will be available upon your arrival to the hotel, so you can enjoy the form the benefits of the services offered by our staff. We recommend that you do not bring any valuables along ARMTbike. We are not responsible for valuables lost or damaged during the course of the event.


Mobile phone or SmartPhone, you should take understand that you might not be able to easily charge the battery of your phone, so please keep the phone off to save battery. In each town you will be able to recharge your phone. In some areas there will be no cell phone signal, but within 70% of the route you will have coverage. First aid kit (aluminum survival blanket, first aid dressings x 3, band aids), Sunblock, Insect repellent (It can be purchased at any pharmacy in town or village), Whistle, 3 liters of fluid capacity (pack of hydration / water bottles anfora), Food for each day's route, Multi-tool/bike repair tools, Team bike and / or heart rate monitor, recommended, not required. The basic supplies for MTBike (brake pads, tire repair pipes, Etc.), credit card, money in Mexican Pesos, is recommended to have $50 pesos per day, you can buy in small shops if desired. $1 US dollar, equivalent to approximately $15.30 persos, you can expect small variations every day, recommended 4 cycling uniforms of your choice., energy bars, energy gels, Etc., at your choice. Sunglasses, international insurance card.


Form of ID with photo to register to the race in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Headlamp for MTBike, lock or combination lock, bag or sack of personal items, flanged or plastic straps (always useful, several measures), personal hygiene items, high factor sunscreen and lip balm, towel, swimsuit, casual clothes, may use sponsors. Comfortable shoes to be in the hotel, windbreak (possible rain), outerwear, there will be areas with temperatures around 5° C. Mosquito repellent, Anti-histamine (if you are allergic to bee stings, wasp or mosquito), Earplugs if desired, Bag or sack military type and/or frameless backpack with your number and/or large suitcase with name, up to 25 kg. This will be appended to your lock or combination lock or key combination lock or key. (Recommended combination.), a thick permanent marker. If you want to take your clothes to the laundry you should prepare beforehand and have all your laundry together and go to the service, the organization would provide laundries addresses in each village.


All MTBIkes or BTT should be professional and should be in perfect condition, bicycles that do not pass the certification and / or international approval safety will not be admitted. Bicycles can be 26, 27.5 or 29 inches and can be hard or soft tail.

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