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November 17th thru 22nd, 2018


Do you have what is worth? Do you have the endurance? Do you have the courage?

If the answer is YES, then you can be part of the strongest Mountain Bike race in America.


Jalisco is the second most important state of the Mexican Republic, with one of the biggest touristic, economic, cultural and hospitality infrastructure, Jalisco is considered the state that a represents the whole country, this is represented by the Mariachi, Tequila and friendliness of its people. Guadalajara it´s the capital city surrounded by important townships and great beauty.

ARMT BIKE is the first mountain bike race of international assistance in Jalisco and its magnificent landscapes, almost 400 km in 4 days of competition, 500 teams formed by 2 cyclists each will travel through extensive plains, enormous mountains, ancestral coniferous forests until they reach the beautiful beaches of the Mexican pacific coast. All of this with only the strength of their bodies and the adventurous of the human spirit.

This race of international assistance will be for all high performance athletes being professional or amateur to race this exciting competition. With a very professional organization the teams will arrive to the hotel where they´ll be able to sleep comfortably after they have traveled long distances, take a hot bath, have a meal and get to know the beautiful towns in Jalisco, later sleep the night for them to be ready to start the next chapter, with a total of 5 continuous chapters between 90 to 100 km per day, we are sure that this will be the hardest competition world wide.

The gaps and lanes will be perfectly indicated to prevent the risks of unnecessary losses in that way the teams will be focused only in traveling these paths of magnificent beauty.

Senador Jesús Casillas

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