ARMTBike will provide:


Accomodation hotel:

Both rooms for ladies and gentlemen will be available

Food and Beverages:

Our staff will be there to serve you as you deserve, in terms of food you will have two meals per day, light and nutritious breakfast and a carbohydrates meal, as well as energy bars on the check points.


Transportation of personal equipment:

Our staff would be responsible for carrying your luggage to the hotel. At each chapter you should only take your luggage to the Transportation Staff. You must deliver your luggage an hour before the start of the first chapter. Failure to do so will result on you becoming responsible for transportation of your belongings. You must mark your competitor's number on your luggage, backpack or suitcase, so we may know where to leave your luggage and you can arrive to the hotel and just search for the number where your luggage will be placed.


Emergency Medical Services

The organization provides all medical care possible, but you must have your own insurance. Be cautious and carry with you your international insurance card at all times. In case of an accident our health care team will be taking you to a hospital where you will be given the best medical care.



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